Kolbe and Lincoln Windows and Doors

Kolbe® and Lincoln Windows & Doors is the choice of discriminating architects, designers and home owners. You will not find Kolbe brand products in big box home improvement stores. Kolbe and Lincoln are only available through authorized dealers like Remmert & Company.

An Authorized Dealer for Kolbe® and Lincoln Windows & Doors

David Pike is a Tuscaloosa native and has been with Remmert’s Kolbe® Windows & Doors department for many years. As a Certified Kolbe sales and service representative, David has a vast amount of experience in both residential and commercial window and door projects.

An Artist's Natural Habitat

Kolbe Means


Whether you need to match the timeless style of a historical building, meet strict energy codes or extend living spaces into the outdoors, Kolbe® and Lincoln Windows & Doors are customized to your specifications.

Kolbe Means

Made to Order

Their craftsmen focus on building one window or door at a time, so they can create custom-built products for even the most challenging designs. If you can dream it, Kolbe® and Lincoln can build it.
Kolbe Means


At Remmert & Company we have extensive experience working with architects and designers, as well as homeowners, to determine which windows and doors will be best for your project.